Christine Goupil and constituents


Christine will focus on the issues that matter most — taxes, a sustainable economy, safe streets, our coastal environment, and improving the services we all deserve.


As a parent, Christine knows our schools are the heart of our community. Great schools mean a positive future for Clinton and our families.


Christine believes that we need to do a better job helping those in our community on fixed incomes. She will increase the Senior Property Tax Relief Program.

Complete Streets

We need to make our streets safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Kids need to be able to get to school safely – and everyone wants to slow down cars and reduce traffic congestion. Christine supports a Complete Streets plan for Clinton.

Renewing Pride in Clinton

For far too long, projects critical to Clinton’s financial well-being have stagnated. Christine will focus on the right kind of economic development — creating good paying jobs; securing solutions to Old Morgan, Unilever, and Stanley Bostitch; and bringing vibrancy to Downtown with projects that protect the character of our town. It’s time we made Clinton the Jewel of the Shoreline!